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Comprehensive Eye Examination

Recommended annually - Dr. Ma will assess the following: the need for corrective eyewear, eye muscle function, peripheral (side) vision and perform a health check of the eye to detect any signs of cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eyes.


The purpose of dilation is to give the doctor a better view inside the eyes especially of the peripheral retina. Dilation will allow the doctor to detect any changes in the eye related to diabetes, high blood pressure, assess the causes of symptoms of flashing lights or floaters, and glaucoma to name a few. It is recommended that any patients with a history of diabetes to have a full dilated eye health exam at least once a year.

Dilation requires the doctor to administer eye drops in the eye. You will experience blurry vision at near and increased brightness perception for a minimum of 4 hours. Having someone to drive you home is usually recommended.

Ocular Disease Treatment & Management

Dr. Ma is licensed to treat and manage eye infections and disease. If you experience any abnormal ocular symptoms such as red irritated eyes, foreign body sensations, light sensitivity, mucus discharge, itchiness, discomfort with contact lens wear, fluctuations in vision, or experience flashing lights or floaters, please contact our office.

Cataracts Co-Management

Contact Lens fitting Exam

Comprehensive eye exam (see above) including contact lens fitting and corneal health evaluation. Dr. Ma is experienced with a variety of contact lenses including lenses for astigmatism, monovision, multifocals, and rigid gas permeables (RGP). 
You will be provided a pair of trial lenses, contact lens solution samples, and a contact lens case. In addition, your doctor may schedule you for a follow up examination to assess proper fit and adaptability to your contact lenses. A contact lens prescription will be provided once proper vision, comfort, and fit has been ensured.

LASIK Co-Management

If you are interested in having LASIK refractive surgery. Dr. Ma will assess if you are a candidate and refer you for a free consultation. Pre- and post- operative care are performed at our office.